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BELLE STARR Rides in Haskell County, Oklahoma

Bankhead, Faye - Interview by Amy Stark (Excerpt)

Beller, Nellie - Interview by Brianna Cantrell (Excerpt)

Bidwell, Gertrude - Interview by Lafonda Turman

Carbrey, Pansy (Hobbs) - Interview by Chuck Barnes (Excerpt)

Cason, Mrs. Claude - Interview by Jennifer Beach

Christy, Adam and Eliza - Interview by Kim Medlock

Clement, Bill - Interview by Heather Gee

Cooper, Paul - Interview by Amanda Beal

Davis, Barney - Interview by Randi Stout

Dean, J.D. and Marie - Interview by Jeff Bean (Excerpt)

Fisher, Josh and Norma - Interview by Karen Miller

Ford, Eulis - Interview by Rhonda Pugh (Excerpt)

Frazier, Muriel - Interview by Sarita Fioretti

Hardin, Norman Glenn - Interview by Nancy Hardin Clark (Excerpt)

Henderson, Fannie (Reavis) - Interview by Kendra (Excerpt)

Henry, Jethro - Interview by Robin Dority

Jetton, T. A. - Interview by Teri McKinney

McGuire, Bass - Interview by Kevin Crammer

Munn, Raymond Loyd - Interview by Gary Wooster

Ogle, Johnny - Interview by Kara Bishop (Excerpt)

Peck, Lawrence - Interview by Lyndie Swink

Pendergrass, Nelson - Interview by Sandie Perkins (Excerpt)

Prentice, Burl - Interview by Russell Prentice (Excerpt)

Pyles, Earl - Interview by Lyndee Smith

Reavis, Bob - Interview by Abbie Jansen

Reavis, Estel - Interview by Jacob Hunter Basden

Reavis, Melvin - Interview by Evan Perranoud

Riley, Miss Lilian - Interview by Melinda Alumbaugh

Rose, Carl Sr. - Interview by David Rose

Scantlen, Doc - Interview by Terry Scantlen

Scott, Mac - Interview by Amanda Cole

Shelton, Dick - Interview by Sara (Excerpt)

Storm, Richard - Interview by Cameron Kasbaum

Street, Henry - Interview by Vonda Heard

Tatman, Ed - Interview by Lyndsey Ogden

Williams, Linus - Interview by Rick Patton

Wilson, Stanley - Interview by Casey B. Coplen

The following is an alphabetically arranged list of the interview transcripts which are available to be viewed at the Haskell County Museum:
AMOS, CLEMIE -Interview by Bryan Amos
ARY, J. D. - Interview by Jennifer Ary
BANKHEAD, FAYE - Interview by Amy Stark
BARBEE, DOLLIE - Interview by Paige Hoffman
BARBEE, WALTER - Interview by Tonya Hall
BELLER, NELLIE (and Hilma Sparks) - Interview by Brianna Cantrell
BERSHINSKY, MINNIE - Interview by Stacy Moon
BIDWELL, GERTRUDE - Interview by Lafonda Turman
BRASHER, LOCIE (PRATER) & Georgetta Duvall & Deb Bates) - Interview by Alicia Agent
CAMPBELL, ALENE - Interview by LaWayne Holt
CARBREY, PANSY - Interview by Chuck Barnes
CARIKER, KATE (and Mary Francis Cumpton) - Interview by Mika Anders
CARPENTER, CORA BAKER & Leona (Bay) Baker Ross - Interview
CARRY, BERTHA - Interview by Pam Guinn
CASON, MRS. CLAUDE - Interview by Jennifer Beach
CHRISTY, ADAM AND ELIZA (JACKSON) - Interview by Kim Medlock
CLEMENT, BILL - Interview by Heather Gee
COOPER, PAUL EUGENE - Interview by Amanda Beal
COWAN, HAZEL - Interview by Diana K. Applekamp

DANIELS, ELSA - Interview by Justin
DAVIS, BARNEY - Interview by Randi Stout
DEAN, J. D. AND MARIE - Interview by Jeff Bean
FEW, LESLIE AND LEVINA - Interview by Dale Few
FISHER, JOSH AND NORMA - Interview by Karen Miller
FORD, EULIS - Interview by Rhonda Pugh
FORD, RUTH INITA & Odie Mertile Turner - Interview by Trena Willoby and Tonya McDaniel
FRAZIER, MUREAL - Interview by Sarita Fioretti
HARDIN, NORMAN GLENN - Interview by Mary Kathleen Hardin Clark
HARP, CLARESIA - Interview by Chris Fenton
HENDERSON, FANNIE LOU (REAVIS) - Interview by Kendra
HENRY, JETHRO - Interview by Robin Dority
HENRY, LUCILLE (HULSEY) - Interview by Miranda Henry
HOLT, LUCILLE (POWELL) - Interview by Jennifer Holt
HURST, VERA - Interview by Darren Hurst
JETTON, T. A. - Interview by Teri McKinney
LONG, JAMES RILEY - Interview by Cindy Phillips
LOWE, RENA - Interview by Brad Orchard
MATHEWS, MINNIE - Interview by Cody
McGUIRE, BASS LITTLE - Interview by Kevin Crammer
McGUIRE, BASS - Interview by David Phillips
McKINNEY, JODI C. - Interview by Gary Shelton
MORRIS, JOHN - Interview by Jennifer Taylor
MUNN, RAYMOND LOYD - Interview by Gary Wooster
OGLE, JOHNNY - Interview by Kara Bishop

PARKER, PATTY - Interview by Lyndsay Parker
PECK, LAWRENCE "BIGUN" - Interview by Lyndie Swink
PENDERGRASS, NELSON - Interview by Sandie Perkins
PENWELL, EMMA (GAN) - Interview by Ronda Wixom
PERRY, HOUSTON - Interview by Wayne Raiburn
PHILLIPS, ANDREW - Interview by Steve Burch
PRENTICE, BURL - Interview by Russell
PYLES, EARL - Interview by Lyndee Smith
REAVIS, BOB - Interview by Abbie Jansen
REAVIS, ESTEL - Interview by Jacob Hunter Basden
REAVIS, MELVIN - Interview by Evan Perrenoud
RENFROW, EUEL AND FANNIE - Interview by Janelle
RILEY, LILLIAN - Interview by Melinda Alumbaugh
ROGERS, RUBY ELLEN (CORBEL) - Interview by Stephanie
ROSE, CARL SR. - Interview by David Rose
ROSS, LEONA (BAY) BAKER & others - Interview
ROYE, MARION - Interview by DeRhonda Roye

SAMPSON, CORA LENA (PITCHFORD) - Interview by Ginger Pemberton
SCANTLEN, DOC - Interview by Terry Scantlen
SCOTT, MAC - Interview by Amanda Cole
SHELTON, DICK AND LORENE - Interview by Sara
SNOW, MABEL - Interview by LuAnne Risenhoover
SOUTHERN, JESSIE (STEVENSON) - Interview by David Fitzer
STAR, LONNA - Interview by Marty Shearwood
STORM, RICHARD - Interview by Cameron Kasbaum
STREET, HENRY - Interview by Brooke Forrester
STREET, HENRY EDWARD - Interview by Vonda Heard
STURGEON, JUANITA (SPEAKER) - Interview by Kelly Lamb
TATE, W. A. - Interview by Troy Tate
TATMAN, ED - Interview by Lyndsey Ogden
TAYLOR, VELVA MAE - Interview by Tiffany Barbee
THOMPSON, MARTHA (LONG) - Interview by Traci Bailes
TURNER, ODIE MERTILE & Ruth Inita Ford - Interview by Trena Willoby and Tonya McDaniel
TYLER, LEE - Interview by Kevin Kelly
UNKNOWN SUBJECT - Interview by Mike Self
VANCE, MARY - Interview by Deana Robertson
WADE, BEATRICE - Interview by Ashley Adams
WALLACE, ROWLAND - Interview by Kerry Ryan
WARFORD, ALTA (ANDERSON) McDANIEL - Interview by Jennifer Totten
WILES, LONNIE - Interview by Bryan Parker
WILKETT, ANN - Interview by Mike Steen
WILLIAMS, LINUS - Interview by Rick Patton
WILSON, STANLEY AND LORENE - Interview by Casey B. Coplen
Mrs. Carolyn Benham, a respected teacher at Stigler High School, is single-handedly responsible for the collection of taped and transcribed interviews, which have been gathered over the years by her high school students as class assignments.

From 1984 to present, Mrs. Carolyn Benham has selected certain students to collect interviews with historical merit from local citizens. She has very graciously given most of these completed interviews to be housed at the Haskell County Museum, for safe-keeping, and for access by the public.

It is a pleasure to announce that the interviews featured here are part of an ongoing project here at the Society to digitize and publish to the web some portion of the interviews that Mrs. Carolyn Benham and her students have gathered.

Because it would not be plausible to publish every interview in its entirety, we have indexed alphabetically every interviewee which can be found, see list above. We invite you to visit the Haskell County Museum and read the original transcripts of interviews in which you are interested.


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