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BELLE STARR Rides in Haskell County, Oklahoma

This page contains names and contact information for various artists who live in, or are connected to, Haskell County,  Oklahoma.  Be sure to scroll down the page to see all the artists listed.  Please feel free to contact anyone listed here, using the information shown.

Oil and Acrylic Painting

Horse Sense CopyrightRuthJRoye

Ruth J. Roye - Click HERE to read about Ruth and see some of her paintings

Ruth J. Roye is a self-taught artist; she is a native of Oklahoma, having been born and raised near the towns of Weleetka, Dustin, Salem, and Henryetta, Oklahoma.  Ruth married young, and moved to a ranch near Rose Hill Community in Haskell County, Oklahoma, where she and her then husband raised four children.  While her children were still young Ruth found an outlet for her creativity by designing and sewing clothing for her children and herself.  She participated in community quilting bees at the church the family attended, where her interest in textiles was further picqued.  Over the years Ruth has pieced and hand quilted many quilts, combining her unique sense of color and tiny elegant stitches to craft beautiful heirlooms for her family. 
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Ruth lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She worked as a manager of a women's clothing store there, for a time.  While she lived in Tulsa, Ruth participated in an informal art class, and produced some pastel works, as well as oil canvasses.  Ruth later returned to live in the Stigler area, where she owned and operated the Time Theater, and the Meadow Drive-In movie theater.  During the period of time that she owned the theaters, Ruth did not have time to devote to her artistic endeavors.  Ruth's interest in painting has been renewed as of late.  Since early in 2007 she has painted nearly every day.  Her home serves as her studio, and she finds much pleasure and satisfaction in painting by the north light that streams into her window.  Enjoy your personal tour of Ruth's paintings which are featured in this online gallery.   Enter the gallery by clicking on either of the links below. 

North Light Art Gallery - The Art of Ruth J. Roye

Haskell County Art Gallery - The Art of Ruth J. Roye

Emerald Lake CopyrightRuthJRoye


James Patterson and his wife Velma are active members of the Stigler community.  The following is quoted from an article written by Karen Stephens which was published in the August 7, 2008 edition of the Stigler News Sentinel: "Patterson is a self-taught artist, who uses mostly acrylics to capture the vibrant colors in his landscape, wildlife, portrait, and Native American paintings.  He strives for realism, beauty, and artistic creativity in his art.  Patterson's Native American art was recently displayed at the Fort Smith Public Library Miller Branch and was featured in Entertainment Fort Smith.  He has donated a limited edition print to Haskell County Healthcare System and has given several free art workshops in the local area....
"The Chamber of Commerce will be hosting an Open House for James Patterson on August 13 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Chamber office located at 204 East Main Street, Stigler.  Patterson's work will be available to see through the month of August."
NOTE: Contact information for James Patterson is not available at this time.
Photographs and acrylic paintings by James Patterson

Oil Paintings by a native of Haskell County

baker12.jpg CopyrightPhotographer/MaryBaker-Fiegel

Mary Baker-Fiegel - Click here to read about Mary see some of her paintings

Mary Baker-Fiegel was born in Haskell County, Oklahoma, to Guy and Buena Baker.  The following information is from Mary's website:  "Mary Baker-Fiegel is an American artist; painter of scenes and portraits in oil, water-color & pastel; sculptor of portraits, heads & torsos in terra cotta, marble and bronze. Her principal residence has been in Geneva, Switzerland since 1979, wintering in Monte Carlo, Monaco from 1983 to 1993. She has exhibited and sold her work around the world, concentrating first in many galleries across the USA in Sante Fe, N.M., Houston, Tex., Princeton, N.J., Dallas, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, San Fransisco, etc. and finishing in NYC in the International Gallery at 82 & Madison in 1978. Of this exhibit, the art critic for "Park East" journal wrote "Mary Baker-Fiegel has a remarkable sense of color and her portraits succeed in capturing the real personality of her subjects". She unveiled in 1971 a sculpture of President Eisenhower in the Stars & Stripes Park in Oklahoma City, her native city, and also sculptured and exhibited a head of President John Kennedy.  Since coming to live in Europe, Mary has exhibited at the Athenee Museum, Geneva in 1984, featuring scenes of the Principality of Monaco, including the exotic garden, for which HSH Prince Albert gave his official endorsement (haut patronage). In 1986 Mary painted a portrait of Prince Albert which he unveiled officially in the Louis XV Salon in the Hotel de Paris on August 7. This was covered by French magazines Figaro & Paris Match and others around the world; England, Germany, USA, Italy, etc. Also in 1986, Mary's painting of the Palace of Monaco appeared on the cover of the official Monaco telephone book.   In 1988 Mary Baker-Fiegel exhibited her paintings in the center (Yon chome, Ginza) of Tokyo, Japan in Galerie "Le Coin". These were floral & village scenes of Monaco, Switzerland & France, which the Japanese prefer. While there for 6 months, she was asked by CNN-TV to paint 10 paintings representing her impressions of life today in Japan. These were shown around the world in an interview with Mary by CNN in January 1989. NHK (world Japanese TV) has asked Mary to do an interview on these paintings, to which she wants to add scenes of Hokaido & Okinawa. A project for the future. Other TV interviews have been "Today Show" in Sydney, Australia (nation-wide), Monte Carlo, Geneva, Antiqua, Honolulu and other States in the US. In 1990 the city of Geneva gave an exhibition of Mary Baker-Fiegel's work in the magnificent Victoria Hall and Societe de Banque Suisse bought one of her paintings. For these two things, Mary is especially proud because they are usually reserved for Swiss artists. Another was being chosen by "Journal de Geneve" journal as their "artist of the year" to design a full page.  Mary Baker-Fiegel received her training as painter-sculptor from many private instructors, as well as 3 universities and the Art Students League in NYC. In Geneva she studied at the Atelier de la Gravure, sponsored by the Museum of Art & History.  Mary Baker-Fiegel has sold more than 2000 portraits to clients in the world. She works very fast. "The key to a successful portrait once one has mastered the technique, is rapidity. The client cannot sit for a long period without getting tired, and it shows in the result".  Mary Baker-Fiegel's works are in countless public & private collections. For more information about works of art by Mary Baker-Fiegel, please contact either Stephanie Gray at 2565 West Lambert Lane; Tucson, AZ 85742; Phone (520) 297-7740 ... or ... Barry Fiegel; P.O. Box 60488; Oklahoma City, OK 73146; Phone (405) 632-1554."

baker21.jpg CopyrightMaryBaker-Fiegel

Oil Paintings by Mary Baker-Fiegel, native of Stigler, Oklahoma


wimberly.jpg CopyrightRuthWimberly

Oil Paintings
Ruth E. Wimberly
Rt. 1 Box 885
Kinta, OK 74552


Watercolor Painting

howardportrait2.jpg CopyrightPhotographer

Norma Howard - Click HERE to read about Norma and see some of her paintings

howardwashday3.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

Watercolor Paintings by Norma Howard

Arts and Crafts
Lola Williams has been painting since 1996, when she first decided to join her niece in the hobby.  Before long she began taking lessons with a local art teacher.  Some of William's paintings are copies of paintings done by Thomas Kincaid, an artist famous for peaceful city and landscapes, bridges and brooks.  Others are of lighthouses, buffalo on a prairie, scenes from other paintings, from postcards, from photos, and even from puzzle boxes.  Lola's art was on display during the month of July, 2008, at the Stigler Chamber of Commerce office located in the log cabin at 204 East Main Street, Stigler, Oklahoma.  You may contact Lola to arrange your own private viewing of her paintings. 
Lola's U-Neeks, 703 Little Flower Drive, Stigler, OK 74462
(918) 967-8283


pebworth1.jpg CopyrightCharlesPebworth

Born: 1926, Kinta, Oklahoma
Education: 1971-72 Independent Study, Carrara, Italy;
1955-57 Louisiana State University, M.A., sculpture
1954-55 University of Houston, B.F.A., painting
1952-53 University of Oklahoma
1948-50 Baylor University, Waco, Texas
1946 Art Center, Los Angeles, California
1946 Colorado State University
1966-68 Museum of Fine Arts, Guest Professor, Houston, Texas
1963 Corpus Christi Fin

Click Here to see more about Charles Pebworth at AskArt

Painting by Charles Pebworth

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