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BELLE STARR Rides in Haskell County, Oklahoma

On this page we provide links to information about topics or sources which are related to historical or genealogical matters.
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Guide to the Literature of the Southwest

Hall Tree, The

Spears Family History

Scivally, James Family

Chapman, Ryan Obituary

Rust Family Genealogy Forum

Chew Family Tree

Robbers Cave State Park

Oklahoma Trilobites

Richison, George Washington Family

Oklahoma Ghost Towns

Oklahoma State Fossil - Saurophaganax maximus

Wilson, Bill - Oklahoma Conservation Commission Dealing with Disaster

McKinley Family Genealogy

McCaslin Family Photos

McCarty, Jacob Family

Massey Family

Honeycutt, M.L. Headstone Photo

Kennedy-English Family

Holladay Family Tree

Harris Family Research

Treasure Hunting in Oklahoma

McFerren, Trahern, and Herren Families

Gedcom Haskell County OK

Johnson, Dailey Genealogy

Beechem, Michael and Ruth Family

Duggins Researchers Page

Davidson and Brevard Family

Leflore Family Descendants

Leming, Daniel Descendants of

DeArmond Message Board

Cowley Family Heritage Book

Couts Family

Coronado's Children - Lost Mines

Common Fossils of Oklahoma

King Family Explores Haskell County for Coalgas

Cobb Surname DNA Project

Choctaws and Trail of Tears

Ghost Towns of Oklahoma including Choctaw towns

Fitzer, William Tobias "Sam"

Bowers and Stout, Charles B.

Cagle, Charles Arter

Casey Family History

Caldwell and Couts Family

Bouse Family Photo Collection

Barbee Family

Stigler on OklahomaSoutheast.com

Barnett, Paul and Rhonda (Art Gallery)

This and That - POB 9998, Hoyt OK (Art Gallery)

Ten Commandments Monument and the First Amendment - Oklahoma Bar Journal Article

Blog about Ten Commandments trial in Haskell County

Stigler, William Grady - Representative at Wikipedia

GeneaSearch.com - Free lookups

The Sans Bois Mountain Valley Veterans Association of Oklahoma


Tanks Gifts and More

Reynolds Family Research

Davis, Rod - genealogy

Howell Family Page

Honeycutt-Sandlin genealogy

Culpepper Archives genealogy

Cross, Paul Andrew - Obituary

Haskell County Historic Bridges

Storms of Haskell County - Tornadoes, Hail, Thunderstorms, Snow, Flood, Ice, Drought, Excessive Heat, High Wind, Funnel Clouds - at the National Climactic Data Center

Haskell County Historical Society Disasters

Blaine Oklahoma Flood, April 1927

Local Catholic Church and Family History

Primitive Baptist Churches of Haskell County

McCurtain Mine Explosion 1912

McCurtain Mine Explosion 1922

McCurtain Mine Explosion 1922 (But is this our McCurtain, or McCurtain County?)

Oklahombres - Belle Starr


Curtis, Gene - Newspaperman

Fowler, Oscar - Author

Haskell County Arts and Crafts People

Haskell County Conservation District Director - Lonnie Peevyhouse

Howard, Norma - Artist

Howard, Norma Images

Howard, Norma - Blue Rain Gallery

Howard, Norma - Four Painters Site

Norma Howard - Newsok article

Norma Howard - Book Illustrator

Howard, Norma - Painting

Jones, Shirley - Shirley's Hand Crafted Jewelry

Kiamichi Economic Development District of Oklahoma (KEDDO)-Board Members: Lonnie Peevyhouse; Larry Godfrey; Kenny Short; Mitch Worsham

McCurtain, Green - Principal Chief of the Choctaws

McCurtain, Edmund - Principal Chief of the Choctaws

Montoya, Mary L. Tarr - Poet

Palmer, Barbara "O' Cedar Tree" pub. Oklahoma Today Magazine

Reno, Dana - Miss Oklahoma 1961

Risenhoover, Theodore Marshall - Representative

Ritch, Otis D. - Author

Roye, Henry - Radial Mining Patent

Roye, Henry - Abandoned Mine Lands Conservation Commission

Roye, Henry - Oklahoma Conservation Commission Abandoned Mine Land Program - Emergency Coordinator

Roye, Henry - Chairman of the Appeals and Grievances Committe at the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma (Mason)

Roye, Ruth J. - Artist at the North Light Art Gallery

Sigmon, Loyd - Inventor, Sig Alert!

Jennifer Ann Totten Smith Memory Page

Stigler, Joseph S. - Founder of Stigler

Stigler, Joseph S. - Founder of Stigler

Stigler, William Grady - Representative

Sweeten, Jess - High Sheriff of Henderson County, TX (born in Stigler)

West, Franklin - Deputy Marshall in Indian Territory Sheriff's Department


McCurtain Genealogical Society

Oklahoma Marriage Records

Oklahoma More Marriage Records

Oklahoma Marriage Records Online

Oklahoma Family Marriage Records

Oklahoma Family Birth Records

Oklahoma Family Death Records

Oklahoma History Web Sites

Oklahoma Flag History

Oklahoma Seal, Flag, and Facts

Oklahoma Outlaws and Lawmen

More Oklahoma Outlaws and Lawmen

Oklahombres.org The site for Lawman and Outlaw History of Oklahoma

Chronicles of Oklahoma

A Look at Oklahoma

Memories of An Oklahoma Farm Boy

Oklahoma in the 1930s

Oklahoma's National Register of Historic Places - Ten Sites in Haskell County

Oklahoma's National Register Handbook

Oklahoma Timeline

Folsom Point in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Genealogical and Historical Society Sites

Oklahoma Museum and Historical Sites

Oklahoma Ancestor Search

Oklahoma Genealogy Today

Oklahoma Genealogical Society Online Records

Oklahoma Historical Society

Oklahoma Genealogy Resources

Oklahoma Resources

Oklahoma Resources - OKGenWeb

Oklahoma Repository of Primary Sources

Oklahoma Libraries and Historical Societies

Libraries in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Libraries

Oklahoma Library Web Sites

Marriage Records Before Statehood - Oklahoma Historical Society

Military Records - Oklahoma Historical Society

Shop Oklahoma

Oklahoma Home Town Locator


Historical Destinations Map in Southeast OK

Historical Destinations Map in Northeast OK

Historical Destinations Map in Comancheria

Folsoms Meet the Choctaws

Butterfield Overland Trail - Chronicles of Oklahoma

Arkansas River in Oklahoma history

Canadian River in Oklahoma history

The Three Forks in Oklahoma history

Fort Pike in Oklahoma history

Fort Pike role in the Second Battle of Cabin Creek 1864

Haskell County Creek in "Lieutenant Simpson's California Road across Oklahoma" by Robert H. Dott

Haskell County in Oklahoma history

Indian Territory in Oklahoma history

Keota in Oklahoma history

Kinta in Oklahoma history

Prehistoric Native Peoples in Oklahoma history

Folsom Point in Oklahoma


Ten Commandment Advocate

Haskell County Ten Commandments Monument on Court House lawn

Canadian River and Spiro Mounds

Beale Wagon Road & Iron Bridge near Stigler - Chronicles of Oklahoma (Please read first few pages)

Haskell County - Oklahoma's Register of Historic Places (Includes photos)

Haskell County Nat'l Register of Historic Places


Haskell County Fossils

Haskell County, OK Cemetery Records

Haskell County Public Schools and addresses

Haskell County Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

OSU Horticultural and Agricultural Alumni Page

Club Lake West Abandoned Mine Land Project

Haskell County - Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History & Culture

Haskell County Government

Haskell County Genealogy at Wiki

Haskell County Wikipedia

Haskell County Real Estate for Sale

USDA Subsidies in Haskell County

Haskell County Free Public Records Directory

Haskell County News at Topix

Haskell County Resources - okgenweb

Haskell County Map - Modern

The History of Bald Eagle Nesting Activity in Oklahoma, including Haskell County

Haskell County Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

Kiamichi Technology Center in Stigler

Bishinik-Choctaw Nation Newsletter, Article about the Health Center in Stigler

McCurtain Genealogical Society

Map to Stigler Lake (old)

Find a Funeral Home and Information

Stigler Chamber of Commerce

Stigler - epodunk

Stigler News

Stigler Stuff

Stigler Public Schools


OK Interactive Map - Clickable Counties

Map of Haskell County

Haskell County

Leflore County

Latimer County

Pittsburgh County

Muskogee County

Sequoyah County


LINKS to Arkansas

AR Interactive Map - Clickable Counties

Arkansas Resources

Arkansas Archives and Libraries

LINKS to Louisiana

LA Interactive Map - Clickable Parishes

LINKS to Georgia

GA Interactive Map - Clickable Counties

LINKS to Texas

TX Interactive Map - Clickable Counties


Places to See in Haskell County (photos)

Fossils found in Haskell County

Petty, Almarinda "Alma" David and William Henderson Petty, about 1917 in McCurtain, child is unidentified (photo)

Hulsey, Robert about 1939-1940 (photo)

Battenfield Store in Lequire, about 1910-1911 (photo)

Class of 1913-1914 - Red Hill School (photo)

The Thompson Choctaw Indians Photo Gallery (includes photo taken in Stigler

Ancient Faces

Dead Fred

Haskell County Genealogy - Kindred Trails

Haskell County - usgenweb

McCurtain Genealogical Society Photo Albums

OKgenweb Photo Gallery

Cyndi's Photos & Memories (scroll down the page)


Indian Pioneer Papers

Chronology of US Historical Documents

National Register Properties in Oklahoma - Includes Photos

National Register Handbook

Library of Congress - Simple Search

Family History Archive for Online Publications

NARA - How to Request Military Service Records


Stigler Alumni - Register free at Classmates.com

Alumni Class

Keota High School Classmates at Classmates.com (497 registered)

Eastern Oklahoma Alumni Association

User Instinct - Find Stigler residents, 4462 listed

Remember High School.com

Reunion.com - A place to find your classmates

Red Hill School - Class of 1913-1914 (photo)

SHS - Class of 1917

SHS - Class of 1918

SHS - Class of 1920

SHS - Class of 1921

SHS - Class of 1940

SHS - Class of 1941

SHS - Class of 1942

SHS - Class of 1943

SHS - Class of 1944

SHS - Class of 1945

SHS - Class of 1946

SHS - Class of 1947

SHS - Class of 1948

SHS - Class of 1949

SHS - Class of 1949 (photo)

SHS - Class of 1950

SHS - Class of 1951

SHS - Class of 1952

SHS - Class of 1953

SHS - Class of 1954

SHS - Class of 1955

SHS - Class of 1956

SHS - Class of 1957

SHS - Class of 1958

SHS - Class of 1959

SHS - Class of 1960

SHS - Class of 1961

SHS - Class of 1962

SHS - Class of 1963

SHS - Class of 1964

SHS - Class of 1965

SHS - Class of 1966

SHS - Class of 1967

SHS - Class of 1968

SHS - Class of 1969

SHS - Class of 1970

SHS - Class of 1971

SHS - Class of 1972

SHS - Class of 1973

SHS - Class of 1974

SHS - Class of 1975

SHS - Class of 1976

SHS - Class of 1977

SHS - Class of 1978

SHS - Class of 1979

SHS - Class of 1980

SHS - Class of 1981

SHS - Class of 1982

SHS - Class of 1983

SHS - Class of 1984

SHS - Class of 1985

SHS - Class of 1986

SHS - Class of 1987

SHS - Class of 1988

SHS - Class of 1989

SHS - Class of 1990

SHS - Class of 1991

SHS - Class of 1992

SHS - Class of 1993

SHS - Class of 1994

SHS - Class of 1995

SHS - Class of 1996

SHS - Class of 1997

SHS - Class of 1998

SHS - Class of 1999

SHS - Class of 2000

SHS - Class of 2001

SHS - Class of 2002

SHS - Class of 2003

SHS - Class of 2004

SHS - Class of 2005

SHS - Class of 2006

SHS - Class of 2007

SHS - Class of 2008


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