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Howard, Norma (Williams)

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BELLE STARR Rides in Haskell County, Oklahoma

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Scroll down the page to see photos of some of Norma's paintings.

howardnormaportrait.jpg CopyrightUnknownPhotog

                      NORMA HOWARD - CHOCTAW ARTIST                           
Norma Howard is a self-taught artist; she is a native of Oklahoma, having been born and raised near Stigler, Oklahoma.   Norma Howard owns and retains the copyright on all the paintings that appear on this page, they may not be reproduced in any fashion without her written consent. 
We thank Rusty Lang and the Choctaw web site located at Rootsweb for the use of the following information (it was necessary to import Rusty's work in order for Norma's paintings and the information accompanying them to appear in the correct format).  The Choctaw site is owned by Rusty Lang, this statement appeared on his site:  "This site may not be duplicated in any manner without consent. All rights reserved. Commercial use of material within this site is strictly prohibited. copyright 2000 by Rusty Lang"
Please click on the original link to this information about Norma:

The following is quoted from the Choctaw web site:  "Norma Howard is a Choctaw-Chickasaw Indian. She began drawing at an early age, using the crayons her father would buy and later taught herself to paint using watercolors. Today, the images that Norma paints are a combination of personal reflection and Native American heritage.

"A central theme in all of Howard’s painting is family. She had seven brothers and sisters and her family often struggled against poverty on the same parcel of land that her mother, Ipokni, homesteading after walking almost 500 miles from Mississippi to Oklahoma in 1903. 

"In spite of financial hardships, however, Norma’s personal memories of her family tend to be joyful and exuberant. Whether painting images of youth play or remembering sharing the same bed with four sisters and her mother, the artist always manages to depict a deep sense of commitment and affection.

"Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa now displays one of her paintings, "Gathering Corn," in its permanent collection.

"She lives in Stigler, Haskell County, Oklahoma."

The following biographical information about Norma was found on the Blue Rain Gallery website:
"Self-taught watercolorist Norma Howard touches the heart with poignant stories of her Choctaw and Chickasaw ancestors in Oklahoma. She transports you to an earlier time by capturing moments of everyday life - a grandmother stitching a star quilt on a porch, or a boy fishing with a cane pole at a cypress-filled lake. Her style recalls the pointillism of the Impressionists, but instead of dots, she painstakingly layers tiny, basket-weave brush strokes to produce a vibrant depth of color rarely seen with watercolors. Howard, who started by painting miniatures, has moved to larger canvases that demand countless strokes to achieve her trademark richness of color and detail.
“These subjects about how people survived in hard times and in everyday life that every tribe can relate to, wherever they lived. People tell me it’s the details that draw them into my paintings and capture their feelings. My inspiration will always be to tell my ancestors’ story and honor the way they lived,” says Howard."

howarddinnerontheground.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

"Dinner on the Ground"

"Dinner on the Ground"
"These dinners were held outside after a family or church gathering.  The wooden tables were generally full of all kinds of food.  The boy and girl at the end of the table have their eyes on the pie." --Norma Howard

howardgoingtotown.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

"Going to Town"

"Going to Town"
"After a week of work, it's Saturday morning and the father is taking his family into town.  The family all loads up in the wagon.  The mother and father discuss the grocery list while the kids enjoy the ride." --Norma Howard

howardkidsinthefield.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

"Kids in the Field"

"Kids in the Field"
"One day, I heard a noise coming from the tall grassy fields behind my house.  At first I thought it might be a pack of dogs, but then I realized that it was a group of small children playing some kind of game, holding hands and making sweeping gestures with their arms, seeing me they flashed a wide grin and began to wave happily.  I have managed to capture the love and happiness that we shared so many times as we ran carefree through the grassy fields." --Norma Howard

howardpickincotton.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

"Pickin Cotton"

"Pickin Cotton"
"My family and neighbors raised cotton and picked for wages.  Cotton was a good cash crop and came in the fall before winter set in." --Norma Howard

howardchoctawvillage.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

"Choctaw Village"

"Choctaw Village" depicts a Choctaw family living around the Mississippi Period.  The corn was the main source of food, along with a summer garden, and a granary was set high on a post for the storage of vegetables.  The huts were made from canes and covered with mud.  This painting won "Best of Division" and "Best Traditional" at the 1998 Santa Fe Indian Market.

howardmakingbaskets.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

"Making Baskets"

 "Making Baskets"
"When I was a child my mother spent many happy hours on my grandmother's back porch as grandma and her sister made baskets for the family's use.  The baskets were made from cane that was split with knives." --Norma Howard

howardraccoondance.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

"Raccoon Dance"

"Raccoon Dance"
"At the beginning of this dance, the boys and girls hold hands on musical cue.  Each boy pursues a girl and runs around through the other dancers.  The "chase" portion is an imitation of raccoons at play in the cornfield." --Norma Howard

howardsummereveningcooking.gif CopyrightNormaHowar

"Summer Evening Cooking"

"Summer Evening Cooking" was created as the poster for the Tulsa Indian Art Festival in 2000.  It is typical of Howard's work, depicting Indian women and children in a quiet, almost nostalgic scene. 
"I remember that wherever my momma went, we kids were always hanging around while she and the other women went about what they had to do." --Norma Howard

howardtheballgame.gif CopyrightNormaHoward

"The Ballgame"

"The Ballgame"

howardthesnakedance.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

"The Snake Dance"

"The Snake Dance" won first place at Santa Fe Indian Market in 1997.

Untitled is a landscape.

This watercolor painting was listed on AskART.com.

Howard, Norma Images at AskART.com

howardlandscape.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

Untitled landscape

howarduntitledb1.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward


This watercolor painting was listed on the website of Blue Rain Gallery.

Howard, Norma - Blue Rain Gallery

howarduntitledb2.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

Details of Untitled

howarduntitledb3.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

howardwashday2.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

"Wash Day"

This watercolor painting was listed on the website of Blue Rain Gallery.

Howard, Norma - Blue Rain Gallery

howardwashday3.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

howardwashday4.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

Details of "Wash Day"

howardwashday5.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

howardwashday6.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

howarduntitleda1.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward


This watercolor painting was listed on the website of Blue Rain Gallery.

Howard, Norma - Blue Rain Gallery

howarduntitleda2.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

Details of Untitled

howarduntitleda3.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

howardchoctawsocialdancers.jpg CopyrightNormaHowar

"Choctaw Social Dancers"

This watercolor painting was listed on the website of Blue Rain Gallery.

Howard, Norma - Blue Rain Gallery

howardchoctawsocialdancers2.jpg CopyrightNormaHowa

Details of "Choctaw Social Dancers"

howardchoctawsocialdancers3.jpg CopyrightNormaHowa

howardeatingwatermelon1.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

"Eating Watermelon"

This watercolor painting was listed on the website of Blue Rain Gallery.

Howard, Norma - Blue Rain Gallery

howardeatingwatermelon2.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

Details of "Eating Watermelon"

howardeatingwatermelon3.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

howardplaytime.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward


This watercolor painting was listed on the website of Blue Rain Gallery.

Howard, Norma - Blue Rain Gallery

howardplaytime2.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward

Detail of "Playtime"

Untitled is a small painting of a woman in a cornfield.

This watercolor painting was listed on the website of Blue Rain Gallery.

Howard, Norma - Blue Rain Gallery

howarduntitledc1.jpg CopyrightNormaHoward


Choctaw Paintings


Norma Howard, Rt. 2 Box 1687, Stigler, OK 74462






Inquire about signed prints 1-800-256-9013


Fax 1-800-704-0161

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