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Link to more information about Weast - Hamlin - Wickersham - Wood family

The following letter was written to the Haskell County Historical Society by Jerri Garofalos, December 30, 2009:

Dear Katina:

Thank you for responding to my message.  It is always good to hear back on this historical / family interests which are so dear to my heart.  Yes, Pat Roye and I used to write frequently for some time a while back but then both of our lives got busy again and we lost contact. She is in some way a cousin to me, as I assume you would be too. If I have this right, her father was a son of Eli Hamlin.  Eli and my great grandfather William Franklin Hamlin were twin brothers.  Pat was able to fill me in on many pieces of family data, she knew of family members I had  heard my family talk about all my life and there was one other thing, I think we may have even met as children when my parents and grandparents visited Oklahoma and attended a Hamlin reunion.  Life is always full of surprising details if we just look for them.  My grandmother was Nell E. Hamlin and when her mother died just after grandma got married, she took her father and two younger brothers into her home and took care of her daddy and finished raising her two younger brothers.  Her mother was Elizabeth Jane Lewellen.... although for years my family even grandma, insisted the last name was Loveland.  Thank goodness for paper trails and historial societies, etc. so I could learn the truth. And as you said, Pat is not connected to the Wickersham's because my grandmother Nell Hamlin married Illie WIckersham and again Nell was the dau. of Wm. Franklin Hamlin and Pat's father was from Eli Hamlin the twin brother of Wm. Franlin.  I don't know if this makes sense, but when I can get the family tree and family files to you, things will become clearer. Anyway, I guess all this makes you and I related someway too.  Isn't it great?

The following website   http:/www.argenweb.net/marion/familylines/weastadam.html   is for the Arkansas GenWeb for Marion Co., one place where my Wickersham familydata is posted.  A friend and I did research to find a very lost mutual great great grandmother (Sarah Weast - Bennet- Wood- Bolt ) we worked together for several years trying to find poor Sarah Weast and where she went to after being in OK a short time.  My friend Don Kirk  posted this data which is more from the angle of his family but also includes mine.  Sarah Weast - Wood also lived in Haskell Co for a short time before disappearing.  What I finally learned is that she followed her daughter Georgia Bell Wickersham -Sears and her husband who moved to California before 1910.  While in CA Sarah then in her 70s remarried and later died and was buried, just 18 miles from where I grew up, in Gridely - Butte Cemetery.  I never knew this and my family always said we were the first to move to CA when that was not true at all.  We had family in CA for many years before my grandfather took his family to CA too.  It took a long time for me to learn this and then prove it out. 

My grandfather is George Washington Wickersham who is married to Lola Wood who is #30.... Charles Bennet was her 1/2 brother by her mother's first marriage.  I gave you Charles G Bennett because he lived in OK too.  I added a little data but will try to improve upon it very soon.  This will help get you started. 

29. CHARLES GRANVILLE4 BENNETT (SARAH3 WEAST, ADAM2, JOHN JACOB1 WIEST) was born April 16, 1856 in Yellville, AR, and died March 2, 1946 in Hughes Co. OK BR: Wetumka Cemetery. He married (1) UNKNOWN. He married (2) SARAHE. KINNARD 1909. She was born July 1, 1861, and died November 25, 1943 in Hughes Co. OK BR: Wetumka Cemetery.



OK death certificate shows his middle name as Granville and his father also as Charles G. Bennett. This also showed maiden name of his mother as Sarah Weast and he was born in Yellville, AR. At age 4 he was with the family of Adam Weast on the 1860 census of Marion Co. AR. Sarah married Fred Wood and they went to Texas with Benjamin Weast about 1859. The 1870 census of Fred and Sarah Wood in McLennan Co. TX, records Charles Wood, age 14. Charles G. Bennett and family are found on the 1910 census of Pittsburg Co. OK. There are probably other children as Ollie Boyd Wickersham remembers them visiting the Bennetts and remembers the names of Nester "Net", John, Will, Walter and Charles. These are possibly additional children by his first wife. Several Bennetts are found in the city cemetery on the Wetumka, OK website including C. G. Bennett. Birth and death dates from headstones.

Children of CHARLES BENNETT and UNKNOWN are:




Name remembered by Ollie Boyd Wickersham. "At one time had a beauty shop in McAlester."


ii. JOHN BENNETT, b. ABT 1881; d. 1976, Hughes Co. OK BR: Wetumka Cemetery.



Name remembered by Ollie Boyd Wickersham


iii. WILL C. BENNETT, b. 1884; d. 1957, Hughes Co. OK BR: Wetumka Cemetery; m. JOHNNIE MAE UNKNOWN; b. 1891; d. 1976.


Notes for WILL C. BENNETT:

Name remembered by Ollie Boyd Wickersham. Dates from headstone, Wetumka Cemetery. This is adjacent to C. G. Bennett.


iv. MINNIE C. BENNETT, b. July 22, 1893; d. September 1978.

v. CORA B. BENNETT, b. ABT 1895.

vi. WALTER J. BENNETT, b. October 4, 1892; d. May 22, 1972, Hughes Co. OK BR: Wetumka Cemetery; m. ANNA M. UNKNOWN; b. May 14, 1902; d. February 2, 1990, Hughes Co. OK BR: Wetumka Cemetery.



Shown on 1920 census of Hughes Co. Ok. Headstone dates from Wetumka Cemetery, birth date of Oct. 4, 1892 does not agree with 1910 and 1920 census of about 1898.





Proof needed that he is son of Charles G. Bennett


viii. HOLLIE ARTHUR5 BENNETT, b. December 12, 1919; d. October 24, 1938, Wetumka, Hughes Co. OK Br: City Cemetery.



These dates from headstone which is at the foot of Sarah Bennett, Wetumka Cemetery.



30. LOLA FAYE4 WOOD (SARAH3 WEAST, ADAM2, JOHN JACOB1 WIEST) was born November 29, 1863 in Texas, and died March 18, 1945 in Hoyt, Haskell Co. OK Br: Hoyt Cemetery. She married GEORGE WASHINGTON WICKERSHAM ABT 1880, son of DANIEL WICKERSHAM and ELIZABETH DOSHIER. He was born November 10, 1857 in Yellville, Marion Co. AR, and died May 7, 1946 in Hoyt, Haskell Co. OK Br: Hoyt Cemetery.



Jerri Lyn Garofalo: Lola and George lived in Yellville, Marion Co., AR,  until around 1888-89 when they moved to Indian Territory (later LaFlore Co. OK) finally settled in, Hoyt, Haskell Co., OK when they and many others were pushed out of LaFlore.  George and Lolah had 13 children one who was my grandfather Ollie Boyd Wickersham. Ollie married Nellie Mae Hamlin from Enterprise, Haskell Co. OK and they had 5 children. Four were born right there in Hoyt OK and then in 1938,  they moved to California where their last child was born and they lived out their life. My father Jerry Wayne Wickersham was their 4th child and he and all of his siblings still live in California. -2004



1946: George Washington Wickersham died at age 90, well known pioneer of the Hoyt community. Wickersham came to this county while still a young man and helped build this area from a wilderness. He had lived in the Hoyt community for many years. He is survived by 3 sons, Leon of Hoyt, Boyd of Yuba City, CA and Edgar of Dianvua, CA; 5 daughters, Mrs. Georgia Brandstatt, Mrs. Dollie Blankenship and Mat (Met?) Shelton, all of Yuba City, CA; Mrs Lula Sandlin of Hoyt and Mrs. Rena Cates of Rio Blanco, CO. Wickersham researcher and descendant is Jerri Lynn Garafalo. Sources: Lola Wood Wickersham's family Bible, family, census, SS Death Index, "Wickershams in America" by Gay Davis to which Jerri Lynn contributed her Wickersham families.


i. JINKS GRIFFITH5 WICKERSHAM, b. July 10, 1881, Yellville, AR; d. 1907.



Drowned in the Canadian River near Ft. Smith in 1907.


ii. NELLIE MAE WICKERSHAM, b. February 18, 1884, Yellville, Marion Co. AR; m. ROBERT JOHNSON.

iii. GEORGIA BELL WICKERSHAM, b. July 29, 1886, Yellville, Marion Co. AR; d. February 12, 1963; m. FRANK BRANSTATT.



Her middle name was also given as Belgium in the family Bible but she was always called Georgia Bell formally or by a family nickname of Choc (after Choctaw Indian). The family moved to Yuba City, Sutter Co. California where they purchased property and prospered growing peaches. . 


iv. LENARD FRANCIS WICKERSHAM, b. October 11, 1888, Yellville, Marion Co. AR; d. May 3, 1978, Stigler, Haskell Co. OK; m. LILLIE HOLAND, August 21, 1910; b. 1892.

v. DOLLIE ARMIA WICKERSHAM, b. March 20, 1893, Poteau, LeFlore Co. I. T.; d. April 9, 1985, Yuba City, CA; m. FORREST BLANKENSHIP, Haskell Co. I. T.. 



All the children were born in Oklahoma. They moved to Colorado Springs, CO before moving on to Yuba City, CA in the 1940s


vi. METTA IVA "MET" WICKERSHAM, b. May 24, 1895, Stigler, Haskell Co. I.T.; d. 1972, Citrus Heights, CA; m. JAMES SHELTON, ABT 1916, Haskell Co. OK. They had one daughter Pauline in OK.  In California, James (better known as Jim to everyone) purchased a Peach orchard.  I remember visiting them frequently as a child, sitting in their huge fig tree eating fresh figs, between gorging myself on fresh peaches.  They lived a very humble lifestyle.  She always had a pie or pan of Rice Krispy treats waiting to make us happy.  Aunt Met's hands were never still.  When she was not busy in the kitchen, she was crocheting doilies or doing tatting to put around hanker chiefs.  I always had the prettiest handkerchiefs as a girl never knowing what treasures I had. She also collected scraps of material from my mother's sewing bag to make quilts which she shared with the family.  I remember sitting on some of our quilts as a kid and picking out the fabrics from different outfits I had over the years.  



"History of Haskell Co. OK" shows name as Mat W. b. 24 May 1895, 1930 census shows her name as 'Mertie I'.

They moved to California in the 1940s and bought property and grew peaches. 1946 they were living at Yuba City, CA


vii. OLLIE BOYD WICKERSHAM, b. February 3, 1897, Indian Territory; m. NELLIE MAE HAMLIN; b. (from Enterprise, Haskell Co. OK).



Ollie and Nellie left Oklahoma and moved to Yuba City, Sutter, Co. California about 1937 where they remained. Their children reside in Yuba City, CA except where noted.

These were my grandpaents.  They had 5 children:  Cleta Wickersham, (Female), married Elmer Monk Stepps and had 3 childrens: Elmer Lee,  Danny Lee, and a dau. Linda 

2.)  Betty Faye Wickersham, who married Robert (Bob) Woodhead and they had a son Robert (Rob)  Wayne Woodhead in 1956. 

3.) Obie Wickersham  married Mildred S and they had two daughters, Christie and Barbara  

4.) Jerry Wayne Wickersham married Shirely Mae Fournier and they had 3 children: Jerri Lyn 08-02-1953,  Sherri Lee 11-05-1958, and a son Tracy Wayne Wickersham 09-15-1961
5 Judy Wickersham married Rhichard Dyer and had two children Joseph and Erin Tiffany Dwyer.  She married Russ Alberico after her divorce to Richard Dwyer. 


viii. TULLULA ANN WICKERSHAM, b. April 7, 1899, Hoyt, Haskell Co. I. T.; d. July 26, 1975, Stigler, Haskell Co. OK; m. (1) FRANK HULSEY; m. (2) WILLIAM SANDLIN.



1946, lived at Hoyt, OK


ix. CHARLES EDGAR WICKERSHAM, b. August 2, 1902; d. March 18, 1978, Stigler, Haskell Co. OK; m. CATHERINE "KATE" E. CRAIGE.



1946 lived at Dianvua, CA



They lived in Machine Township, Haskell Co. OK, 1930 census


x. ELRINA "RENA" WICKERSHAM, b. August 31, 1904; d. July 15, 1890; m. WILSON "WESTY" CATES.



1930 census, Jenks, District 21 show them married one year. 1946 they lived at Rio Blanco, CO.


31. WILLIAM LOGAN4 WOOD (SARAH3 WEAST, ADAM2, JOHN JACOB1 WIEST) was born ABT 1865 in Texas, and died January 26, 1907 in Butte Co. CA Br: Biggs-Gridley Cem.. He married A. L.. (sibling of Lola Wood) 



William Logan Wood is buried at Gridley-Biggs Cemetery, Butte County, California. He lived 44 years 1 mo. and 2 days. Information from Gridley Biggs Cemetery book.


Notes for A. L.:

Her initials only are from son, Thomas', tombstone.

Child of WILLIAM WOOD and A. L. is: (sibling to Lola Wood) 

i. THOMAS D.5 WOOD, b. April 17, 1887; d. August 25, 1905, Haskell Co. OK.


Notes for THOMAS D. WOOD:

Name and age from Logan's application for Cherokee citizenship. His tombstone was found in the Hoyt Cemetery very near George and Lola Wickersham's marker. He died at about age 18.



32. JOHN LENARD4 WOOD (SARAH3 WEAST, ADAM2, JOHN JACOB1 WIEST) was born September 7, 1867 in Texas, and died December 13, 1867 in Garvin Co. OK BR: Maysville Memorial Cemetery. He married MARTHA E. "MATTIE" DAMRON 1891 in Sculleyville, LeFlore Co. OK. She was born October 14, 1871, and died February 1, 1956 in Garvin Co. OK BR: Maysville Memorial Cemetery. (sibling to Lola Wood) 



Information from 1910 census of McClain Co. OK, 1920 and 1930 census of Garvin Co. OK, from Mr. J. L. Wood's interview (# 9062) in 1937 for Indian Pioneer History also from a letter from a descendant, Richard Duane Robinson, July 30, 2003. Dates from Maysville Memorial Cemetery online.



Dates from Maysville Memorial Cemetery online.

Children of JOHN WOOD and MARTHA DAMRON are:

i. LUTHER W.5 WOOD, b. ABT 1891.

ii. JOHN ADOLPHUS WOOD, b. April 28, 1892; d. April 16, 1961, Garvin Co. OK BR: Maysville Memorial Cemetery.



Dates from Maysville Memorial Cemetery online. Also T/S shows Okla. PFC 14Co. 162 Depot BRIG WWI


iii. STELLA MAE WOOD, b. October 2, 1894; d. August 16, 1983, Garvin Co. OK BR: Maysville Memorial Cemetery; m. ROBERT HIRAM DAVENPORT; b. July 19, 1895; d. November 26, 1964, Garvin Co. OK BR: Maysville Memorial Cemetery.

iv. MYRTLE L. WOOD, b. ABT 1896.

v. MAMIE L. WOOD, b. ABT 1898.

vi. ALTIE E. WOOD, b. ABT 1901.

vii. ROBERT C. WOOD, b. ABT 1903.

viii. CHARLES E. "DEBBS" WOOD, b. December 16, 1906; d. February 18, 1994, Garvin Co. OK BR: Maysville Memorial; m. JOTTIE IRENE HILL, September 11, 1937.



Dates from Maysville Memorial Cemetery online. Also: Jottie Irene Hill Wood 6-18-1919 wed C. E. Wood 9-11-1937



33. GEORGIA ANN4 WOOD (SARAH3 WEAST, ADAM2, JOHN JACOB1 WIEST) was born January 16, 1872 in Arkansas, and died April 11, 1957 in Sutter County, CA Br: Gridley-Biggs. She married GEORGE LEWIS SEARS, son of JAMES R. SEARS. He was born January 1865 in Georgia, and died January 21, 1935 in Butte County, CA Br: Gridley-Biggs. (sibling to Lola Wood) 



1880 census of Marion Co. AR showed George A. as a son in error. Georgia is found on the 1900 census of Choctaw Nation, I. T. and the 1910 census of Butte County, 1920 and 1930 census Sutter County CA. The birth place of the last child shown would indicate they moved to California about 1906. California death records show 11 April 1872 at age 85.



His burial information from the Gridley-Biggs Cemetery book. It shows that he resided at Yuba City, died 21 Jan. 1935, lived 69 years, 3 mos. and 13 days. 1920 census of Sutter Co. CA shows his father born in Ireland and mother in GA. Also found on the 1930 census of Sutter Co. CA

Children of GEORGIA WOOD and GEORGE SEARS are:

i. MYRTLE L.5 SEARS, b. March 1890, Indian Territory; m. CHARLES HARTY POWELL; b. NC.

ii. HATTIE V. SEARS, b. ABT 1892, Indian Territory.

iii. MELVIN FOREST SEARS, b. March 12, 1894, Indian Territory; d. January 6, 1978, Alameda, CA.



From CA death records. He died at age 83


iv. ALBERT THOMAS SEARS, b. April 8, 1896, Indian Territory; d. November 19, 1953, Sutter County, CA.



He was shown as Bert T. on the 1910 census. From CA death records, he died at age 57


v. WILLIAM LOGAN SEARS, b. October 17, 1901, Indian Territory; d. July 14, 1987, Sutter County, CA.



From CA death records, he died at age 86, showed mother's maiden name of Woods


vi. ELNORA SEARS, b. ABT 1903, Indian Territory.

vii. MARY DELL SEARS, b. ABT 1905, Indian Territory.



She was shown as Reta M. on the 1910 census.


viii. ARTHUR GRANVILLE SEARS, b. August 20, 1906, Butte Co. CA; d. August 7, 1953, Los Angeles Co. CA; m. ANALENA CHARLOTTE STOHLMAN, Bef. 1912; b. October 12, 1907, Sutter Co. CA.



I am giving you full permission to share my information for what good is it unless it can come of some use to help others learn their histories.  The one things I have found that is true in life, is the importance in families and that when all else fails, we are still a part of a big family here on earth and when we have family there is often love.  I have done a great deal of research for myself and others and I can't tell you the joy I have derived in learning of my own origins and that of others.  But there is nothing like learning of one's own ancestors.  It is a true soft spot for me, because I feel that these things can almost reach into my very soul.  So knowing this, I would find great delight in knowing that anything I have or can share might be of worth to another. 

 I don't recall hearing about the Haskell Co. Historical book, and would love to have a copy.  Could you ck and see if you have a copy?  And the prices including shipping, so I can plan to order it.  

I have a great deal of questions about the land my family lived on, and how they obtained it, but unsure if anything like that would be in the book.  I am not completely sure how my family ended up in the Choctaw county, even though my great grandmother Wickersham claimed to be 1/2 Cherokee which may be true, as I have never been able to go back any father than knowing of her father but finding no records on him, except that it is said that his friends called him Cherokee Fed. The Hamlin's like the WIckershams had lived in Arkansas for a time. I can take the Hamlin line all the way back to the time they came to America and landed not far from where I now live in VA (even though I am originally from California.) Still going back to my question, I am not sure on what basis my family acquired land in OK.  I can only assume from what is implied, that Oklahoma was a wonderful new world after some extremely harsh years following the Civil War for my Arkansas relatives.  They came to OK and started a new life.  Sadly in time it seemed that land gave out on them too.  And for many they left OK and moved to CA.  Where I grew up in CA, there were and still are, many families who transplanted from OK to CA for again, a new life. 

A few years ago my husband gave me a wonderful gift, a beautiful new computer.  It was a Mac.  I was a bit skeptical, but I will tell you, I have loved working with Mac's ever since.  The only data or program that did not transfer from  my PC to my new Mac was my genealogy which was on FTM files program.  FTM is not written to work with both PC and Macs .  At least I was able to import my files but it has never been the same, as I have tons of history locked inside.  I can read it but I can't print it.  My Mac program is called Reunion and is a good program just that the FTM import went kind of weird.  I have written FTM many times about please adding a Mac program to the whole thing.  They have never sent me anything to lead me to believe that such a step is in the works.  What I am capable of doing is printing out some of the data which may be what I will end up sending you.  I will also try to include some photos which I am sure would be a great find to anyone doing research as well as to the historical society. 
One photo I have a copy of is of my grandfather as a child and his family sitting outside their house.  The side of the house looks like a barn.  My grandfather is only 3 years old in this photo and he was the first of the children to be born in Haskell county, but was something like the 6th of 10 children ... or something like that.  You can see I am ad-libbing this. 
I have over my lifetime heard by way of my family reminiscing, a great many things about the people there in Haskell Co. They were friends, neighbors, and associates in one way or another.  Their names became familiar to me in such as way, that when I was reading the Census records to find more about my family there in Haskell, and I chanced upon these same names, it was like I knew them and I was delighted to see them and learn more about them.  I have learned so much from the census records and find them simply amazing.  There is nothing like looking at those original documents in the original handwriting, because there is a feeling that can't be explained except to someone else who has felt it too  Off had I recall the Treats who I want to believe had a store.  There was also Doc MacDonald who delivered many babies including my father and must have lived in the Stigler area. I think I have heard that he was the only doctor the family remembered in that area.  Evidently he was called upon a number of times and had been of great help to those he treated because his name was remembered in that area, when I was preparing to tell about my father's life recently at his funeral.    My great uncle Bret Hamlin owned a grocery store in Stigler which I have also heard much about. When I have a change o do some research and to look at my records for you, I may have more stories to share.  My great grandmother Elizabeth Jane Lewellen - Hamlin taught at the school in the Enterprise / Hoyt area.  At this time, I don't recall the name of the school.  My grandmother's older sister also taught with her mother and under her husband who was a Cochran.  I think he ran the school.   I have a photo of the whole school of children and teachers in picture, which was taken around 1907-1910.  My grandmother and 3 of her cousins are also in the photo.  If you don't have copies of these, again I would like to share them with you.  It will take me a little time to get this data and photos together, but I do promise I will do so and make sure the historical society gets it to share with others.  At this time, I am also in the middle of writing a book about my uncle Obie Wickersham, who was also born in Hoyt, Haskell, OK and after moving to CA and completed high school, he joined the US Army as a member of the 82nd Airborn and had many amazing encounters as history has recounted in several movies and history channel programs about these men.  Later after having returned after the war had ended, he was once again called to duty when the US became active in the Korean Conflict.  He had his own batallion and fought along the 38th parallel for 8 months with out a break.  Then during a tremendous battle call the May Massacre on Hill 1051, he was captured and spent 28 months as a POW which is another amazing story.  We are so fortunate that he unlike so many others, got to come home to us.  He is still living and this is my tribute to him.  I had to take time while I cared for my ailing father but now must push forward and see it through to completion.  Still I will not forget the promise I have made, and PLEASE, don't feel bad if you need to remind me of my promise.  Life does seem to get in the way sometimes.  

Sorry for my rambling.  I just got into the mode of chatting about the past and here I am.  Have a very wonder and safe 2010.  Hard to believe 2009 is already ending, where has time gone?  Best wishes, Jerri 

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