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Amos, Charles and Mary (Harvey) - Descendants

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BELLE STARR Rides in Haskell County, Oklahoma

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Information about the descendants of Charles Amos and Mary Harvey of South Carolina, the progenitors of the Amos family of Stigler, Oklahoma:

Descendants of Charles AMOS



Generation No. 1


1.  CHARLES4 AMOS  (WILLIAM3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1) was born Bet. 1810 - 1812 in SC (or NC), and died 1875 in Sebastian County, AR.  He married (1) MARY HARVEY 1834 in Roane, TN (Lived Decature Co.,TN 1850).  She was born 1814 in Spartenburg Dist, SC (orTN or NC), and died 1863 in Sebastian County, AR.  He married (2) SALLY COOK Abt. 1864.  She was born Unknown in TN, and died Unknown.



Census: 1850 #70, Sheet 407B, 3rd District, Decatur Co, Tennessee

Immigration: 1858 Sebastian Co, Arkansas




Marriage: 1834, Roane, TN (Lived Decature Co.,TN 1850)



Marriage: Abt. 1864


Children of CHARLES AMOS and MARY HARVEY are:

2.                i.    JOHN R.5 AMOS, b. 08 Mar 1839, Roane County, TN; d. Aft. 1900, Franklin County, AR.

                  ii.    THOMAS AMOS, b. Abt. 1835, TN; d. Aft. 1860, Prairie, Franklin County, AR; m. ELIZABETH O'NEAL, Jan 1858, Franklin County, AR; b. Abt. 1837, TN; d. Aft. 1860, Prairie, Franklin County, AR.



Marriage: Jan 1858, Franklin County, AR


3.              iii.    WILLIAM H. AMOS, b. Abt. 1837, TN (or AL?); d. Bet. 1873 - 1874, AR.

4.              iv.    ELISHA SILAS AMOS, b. 07 Jun 1841, Roane County, TN; d. 19 Jun 1918, Booneville, Logan County, AR.

                  v.    SUSAN AMOS, b. Abt. 1843, TN; d. Unknown.

                 vi.    PRESLEY AMOS, b. Abt. 1845, TN; d. Unknown.

5.             vii.    MICHAEL AMOS, b. Abt. 1844, District 3, Decatur County, TN (or MO?); d. Bet. 1876 - 1880, Prairie, Franklin County, AR.



Generation No. 2


2.  JOHN R.5 AMOS (CHARLES4, WILLIAM3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1) was born 08 Mar 1839 in Roane County, TN, and died Aft. 1900 in Franklin County, AR.  He married (1) CATHERINE MILEHAM Abt. 1865 in AR, daughter of JOHN MILEHAM and MARTHA LIKENS.  She was born Bet. 1846 - 1849 in Prairie, Franklin County, AR (or TN?), and died 1871 in Franklin County, AR.  He married (2) FRANCIS ANNA HILL 10 Oct 1874 in Franklin County, AR by AJ Ripley MGP#153.  She was born Abt. 1845 in Perry, MO (orTN), and died Aft. 1889 in Franklin County, AR.


Notes for JOHN R. AMOS:

SOURCE: History of Benton, Washington, Carroll, Madison, Crawford, Franklin, and Sebastian Counties, Arkansas. Chicago: The Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1889, pg.1222:

See Biographies of Sebastian County, AR, Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1889, pg.1222.  Says that John R. Amos fought in four civil war battles: Shiloh, Pea Ridge, Richmond, and Murfrees-boro. 


"John R. Amos, was born in Roane County, Tenn., March 8, 1839, and is a son of Charles and Polly (Harvey) Amos, natives, respectively, of South Carolina [p.1222] and Tennessee. Charles Amos was born in 1812, and when a young man went to Tennessee, and from there removed to a farm in Newton County, Mo. In 1858 he located in Sebastian County, Ark., where he remained until his death, which occurred in 1875. The mother of our subject died in 1863, and the father afterward married Sally Cook, a native of Tennessee, who survives her husband, and is now living with our subject. John R. Amos was about fifteen years of age when his parents located in Missouri, where he lived until 1858, at that time removing to Arkansas. In 1861 he enlisted in the Confederate army, and participated in the battles of Pea Ridge, Shiloh, Richmond and Murfreesboro. At the close of the war he returned to Arkansas, and resumed farming. In 1865 he married Kattie Mildham (sic), daughter of Jackson Mildham (sic), and they had four children, viz.: John, Bettie, Marttie and Charley. Mrs. Amos died in 1871, and in 1874 Mr. Amos married Annie Hill, who has borne him four children, three living: George Luther, Willie and Albert Sidney. Simon was born in 1880, and died in 1885. In 1866 Mr. Amos located on his present farm, which consists of 240 acres, 140 acres of which are under cultivation. He is one of the industrious and enterprising farmers of the county. In politics he is a Democrat, and in religion he is a member of the Baptist Church. He also belongs to the A. F. & A. M. Mrs. Amos is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church."


1880 Census, Charleston, Franklin, Arkansas; Roll: T9_44; Family History Film: 1254044; Page: 838.4000; Enumeration District: 64; Image: 0387:


In this census record John R. Amos is found with his second wife, Francis Anna Hill.  With them are John R.'s four children by his first wife Catherine Mileham: John (F.) 13, Bettie 11, Mattie 9, and Charles 7.  Also with them are three children who are the products of his second marriage to Anna:  Luther 5, William 3, and Sidney 1. 


Also living with them is Sarah A. Amos 45, and two children who belong to her: Mary Amos 17, and Rufus Amos 12.  Sarah is listed as a "House Keeper," but it is likely that she is a relative of John R. Amos (possibly his sister-in-law?).




Marriage: Abt. 1865, AR



Marriage: 10 Oct 1874, Franklin County, AR by AJ Ripley MGP#153



6.                i.    JOHN FORREST6 AMOS, b. 27 Aug 1866, Franklin County, AR; d. 15 Apr 1931, Haskell County, OK.

                  ii.    ELIZABETH AMOS (Source: 1870 US Federal Census, Ozark, Prairie Twp, Franklin, AR), b. Abt. May 1868, Franklin County, AR; d. Unknown.

                 iii.    MARTHA AMOS (Source: 1870 US Federal Census, Ozark, Prairie Twp, Franklin, AR), b. Abt. Apr 1870, Prairie, Franklin County, AR; d. Unknown.

                 iv.    CHARLES AMOS, b. Bet. 1871 - 1873, Prairie, Franklin County, AR; d. Unknown.



Children of JOHN AMOS and FRANCIS HILL are:

                  v.    GEORGE LUTHER SR.6 AMOS (Source: In 1900 (?) he was living in San Bois Twp, Choctaw Nation, IT), b. Abt. Jul 1875, Franklin County, AR; d. Unknown.



Luther moved to Haskell County, OK.


                 vi.    WILLIAM M. AMOS, b. Abt. Nov 1877, Franklin County, AR; d. Unknown.

                vii.    ALBERT SIDNEY AMOS, b. Abt. 1879, Franklin County, AR; d. Bef. 1900.

               viii.    SIMON AMOS, b. Abt. 1880, Franklin County, AR; d. 1885, AR.



3.  WILLIAM H.5 AMOS (CHARLES4, WILLIAM3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1) was born Abt. 1837 in TN (or AL?), and died Bet. 1873 - 1874 in AR.  He married (1) CATHERINE HOOD.  She was born in AL, and died Abt. 1865 in Died in childbirth.  He married (2) SARAH A. CROOK. 



                   i.    MARY6 AMOS, b. Abt. 1863, AR.

7.               ii.    RUFUS HARVEY AMOS, b. Abt. 1865, AR.



4.  ELISHA SILAS5 AMOS (CHARLES4, WILLIAM3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1) was born 07 Jun 1841 in Roane County, TN, and died 19 Jun 1918 in Booneville, Logan County, AR.  He married RUTH MALINDA ANN PENDERGRASS 05 Dec 1861 in Franklin County, AR.  She was born 27 Sep 1846 in Kentsville, McDonald County, MO, and died 05 Jan 1932 in Booneville, Logan County, AR.



Marriage: 05 Dec 1861, Franklin County, AR



8.                i.    CHARLES ONA6 AMOS.



5.  MICHAEL5 AMOS (CHARLES4, WILLIAM3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1) (Source: 1870 US Federal Census, Ozark, Prairie Twp, Franklin, AR) was born Abt. 1844 in District 3, Decatur County, TN (or MO?), and died Bet. 1876 - 1880 in Prairie, Franklin County, AR.  He married SUSAN MILEHAM Sep 1869 in Prairie, Franklin County, AR, daughter of JOHN MILEHAM and MARTHA LIKENS.  She was born Abt. 1852 in Prairie, Franklin County, AR, and died Aft. 1880 in Prairie, Franklin County, AR.



Marriage: Sep 1869, Prairie, Franklin County, AR



                   i.    DAVID6 AMOS, b. Abt. 1872, AR.

                  ii.    FANNIE L. AMOS, b. Abt. 1875, AR.

                 iii.    BRADLEY AMOS, b. Abt. 1877, AR.



Generation No. 3


6.  JOHN FORREST6 AMOS (JOHN R.5, CHARLES4, WILLIAM3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1) was born 27 Aug 1866 in Franklin County, AR, and died 15 Apr 1931 in Haskell County, OK (Source: Death Certificate of John Forrest Amos  ).  He married MARY ELIZABETH HILL 11 Nov 1888 in Franklin, AR (Source: International Genealogical Index v5.0), daughter of WILLIAM HILL and ELIZABETH NORWOOD.  She was born 02 Sep 1870 in Florence, AL, and died 21 Aug 1947 in Haskell County, OK (Source: Death Certificate of Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" (Hill) Amos).



John Forrest Amos was born 27 August 1866, in Arkansas.  He was enumerated, aged four years, in the 1870 U.S. Federal Census in Prairie Township, Franklin County, AR, along with the other members of his immediate family.  John F. was the oldest child of John R. Amos, born ca. 8 March 1839 in Roane County, Tennessee, (John R.’s father was Charles Amos b.1812 SC; his mother was Polly Harvey), died after 1900, in Arkansas, and his first wife, Catherine Kattie Mileham or Mildham born ca. April 1849 in Arkansas, died about 1873 in Arkansas.   Catherine is said to be the daughter of John Anderson "Jackson" Mileham. 


John R. Amos married 1st) Catherine Mileham about 1865 or earlier, their children are as follows:

John Forrest Amos b. 27 August 1866 AR, d.15 Apr 1931 OK (our subject);

Bettie Amos b. about May 1868 AR;

Martha Mattie Amos b. about April 1870 AR;

Charles Charley Amos b. about 1873 AR.


After Kattie died, John R. Amase (Amos) married 2nd) Francis Anna Hill on 1 Oct 1874, Franklin County, AR, the marriage ceremony was performed by A. J. Ripley, M.C. P#153.  The children of John R. Amos and Francis Anna Hill b.1845 Perry, MO, are as follows:

George Luther Amos b. about July 1875 AR (*Luther moved to Haskell Co., OK);

William M. Amos b. about Nov 1877 AR;

Albert Sidney Amos b. about 1879 AR;

Simon Amos b. about 1880 AR, d. 1885 AR.


It is probable that John Forrest Amos grew up in Franklin County, AR, helping his father on the farm: In 1880 the U. S. Federal Census shows the family of John R. and Anna (the second wife) to be living in Prairie Township, the town of Charleston, Franklin County, Arkansas, at that time John Forrest Amos was about 13 years old.  By 1888 John F. Amos had certainly met and courted Mary Elizabeth “Mollie” Hill.


John Forrest Amos and Mollie Hill were married 11 November 1888 in Franklin, Arkansas.  They probably set up housekeeping and lived in Arkansas for a few years (their first two children were born there).  By 1900 John F. and Mollie Amos had moved to Choctaw Nation in Indian Territory, where they were living at the time of the 1900 U. S. Federal Census; living with them were their first four children, and Elizabeth (Norwood) Hill, mother-in-law, a widow.   (The 1900 Census shows Mollie to be the mother of 5 children total, 4 living; thus I’ve added an entry showing an unknown child to the list of their known children.)    In 1920 the family is found on the U. S. Federal Census in Taloka Township, Haskell County, Oklahoma.  In 1930 the family is found in the same location, but Clyde is the only child listed on the U.S. Federal Census, aged 37 years old. 


An article written by Mercedes (Amos) King for the Haskell County History book says the following:

“John and Mollie Hill Amos moved to Garland Community from Arkansas.  John was a farmer and rancher.  His two oldest sons lived with their parents until they were past 30 years old and helped their daddy farm.  They had three teams of big mules.  Mrs. Amos raised a big garden and canned every kind of vegetable raised.  They had chickens and hogs for their own meat and cows for their milk and butter.

“John and Mollie lived in a big house with a breeze way.  John built Mollie a cooler for the milk and butter.  (It had) a solid bottom that held water and a shelf above that, with screen as a cover, could be lifted up, with hinges on the back of the screen lid.  Milk and butter and any other perishables were kept in that and a cool breeze always swept through the breeze way and kept the water under the produce cool.”


The children of John F. and Mollie (Hill) Amos are:


Unknown child, born and died before June 1900;

Claud Amos b. 19 Aug 1889 AR, d. May 1978, m. Clemmie Guthrie;

Clyde Amos b. January 1892 AR, d.15 Nov 1976,  m. Lillian Reid;

James “Jimmie” Amos (Sr.),  b. Aug 1895 IT, d. 17 Apr 1931, m. Oma Young;

Pearl Lee Amos b. 13 Dec 1897 IT, d. 11 May 1978, m. Henry Louis Roye;

Oscar W. Amos b. 6 Jun 1902 IT, d. 10 Jan 1971,  m. Flossie Shirley;

Elsie A. Amos b. 31 Jul 1904 IT, d. Aug 1984, m1) Beller;  m2) Arthur Bramlett;

John Walter Amos b. 14 Feb 1908 Haskell County, OK, d. 21 Oct 1980 Kings, CA, m. Unknown


John Forrest Amos died 15 Aoril 1931.  Charles D. Roye, a grandson of John and Mollie, told me that John F. Amos and "Jimmie" Amos died in the same house, a couple of days apart, in 1931, presumably of  influenza.  What a terrible loss this family suffered, to lose both the father and his son in such a short span of time.  John Forrest Amos and James "Jimmie" Amos were both buried at Garland Cemetery in Haskell County, OK. 


"Mollie" died 21 August 1947 in Haskell County, OK, and also was buried at Garland Cemetery.


The article above was written by Katina Roye Peevyhouse; sources for this article are: History of Haskell County, Volume 1, article by Mercedes Amos King; 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Prairie Township, Franklin County, AR; Marriage records of Franklin County, AR; 1880 U. S. Federal Census, Town of Charleston, Prairie Township, Franklin County, AR; 1900 U. S. Federal Census, Taloka Township, Haskell County, OK; 1920 U. S. Federal Census, Taloka Township, Haskell County, OK; 1930 U. S. Federal Census, Taloka Township, Haskell County, OK; Interview of Charles D. Roye; Cemetery records of Haskell County, OK; Death Certificate of John Forrest Amos; Death Certificate of Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" (Hill) Amos; and the Social Security Death Index on Ancestry.com.






Mary Elizabeth “Mollie” Hill was born 2 (or 3) September 1870, Florence, Alabama.  Her father was William (P.) Hill born about 1832 in Tennessee, her mother was Elizabeth Norwood born about September 1836 in Alabama.  In the U. S. Federal Census of 1870 William and Elizabeth are living in Jonesboro, Township 4 Range 8, Lawrence County, Alabama with their first six children.  By 1880 Elizabeth is found on the U. S. Federal Census living in Prairie Township, Franklin County, Arkansas:  Her husband William is absent, all but the first two children are living with her there. The children of William P. Hill and Elizabeth Norwood Hill are as follows:


Madora(?) Hill b. about 1856 AL;

Ann E. Hill b. about 1858 AL;

William Hill b. about 1860 AL;

James (Peter?) Hill b. about 1862 AL;

Robert Hill b. about 1865 AL;

Walter J. Hill b. about 1868 AL;

Mary Elizabeth “Mollie” Hill b. 2 or 3 September 1870 AL (our subject);

Joseph Hill b. about 1873 AL


Written by Katina Roye Peevyhouse, sources are: 1870 U. S. Federal Census, Jonesboro, Township 4 Range 8, Lawrence County, AL; 1880 U. S. Federal Census, Prairie Township, Franklin County, AR.




Marriage: 11 Nov 1888, Franklin, AR (Source: International Genealogical Index v5.0)


Children of JOHN AMOS and MARY HILL are:

9.                i.    CLAUD E.7 AMOS, b. 19 Aug 1889, Charleston, AR; d. May 1978; Stepchild.

10.             ii.    CLYDE ELVA AMOS, b. 27 Jan 1892, Charleston, AR; d. 15 Nov 1976; Stepchild.

11.            iii.    JAMES R. SR. AMOS, b. 07 Aug 1895, Choctaw Nation, IT; d. 17 Apr 1931.

12.            iv.    PEARL LEE AMOS, b. 13 Dec 1897, Choctaw Nation, IT; d. 11 May 1978, Haskell County, OK.

                  v.    UNKNOWN AMOS (Source: Source is 1900 US Federal Census in which Molly says she has 5 children, 4 living.), b. Bef. Jun 1900, AR or Choctaw Nation, IT; d. Bef. 1900, AR or Choctaw Nation, IT.

13.            vi.    OSCAR W. AMOS, b. 06 Jun 1902, Choctaw Nation, IT; d. 10 Jan 1971, OK?.

14.           vii.    ELSIE A. AMOS, b. 31 Jul 1904, Choctaw Nation, IT; d. 06 Aug 1984.

15.          viii.    JOHN WALTER AMOS, b. 14 Feb 1908, Haskell County, OK; d. 21 Oct 1980, Kings, CA.



7.  RUFUS HARVEY6 AMOS (WILLIAM H.5, CHARLES4, WILLIAM3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1) was born Abt. 1865 in AR.  He married MARY FRANKLIN, daughter of JAMES FRANKLIN and MARY UNKNOWN.  She was born Abt. 1868 in TX.


Children of RUFUS AMOS and MARY FRANKLIN are:

                   i.    CLORA7 AMOS, m. WALKER.

                  ii.    IDA AMOS, b. Abt. 1894, OK.

                 iii.    ARTHUR AMOS, b. Abt. 1897, OK.

                 iv.    OZA AMOS, b. Abt. 1899, OK.

                  v.    MARY AMOS, b. Abt. 1901, OK.






16.              i.    THOMAS ALFORD7 AMOS.



Generation No. 4


9.  CLAUD E.7 AMOS (JOHN FORREST6, JOHN R.5, CHARLES4, WILLIAM3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1) was born 19 Aug 1889 in Charleston, AR, and died May 1978 (Source: Ancestry.com. Social Security Death Index [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2007. Original data: Social Security Administration. Social Security Death Index, Master File. Social Security Administration.Number: 443-24-2486;Issue State: Oklahoma;Issue Date: Before 1951.).  He married CLEMMIE MAY GUTHRIE.  She was born 22 May 1908, and died 05 Feb 1988.



                   i.    LUTHER8 AMOS, b. Abt. 1928, OK.

                  ii.    PAULINE AMOS, b. Abt. 1930, OK.

                 iii.    EUGENE AMOS.



10.  CLYDE ELVA7 AMOS (JOHN FORREST6, JOHN R.5, CHARLES4, WILLIAM3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1) was born 27 Jan 1892 in Charleston, AR, and died 15 Nov 1976.  He married LILLIAN REID.  She was born 03 Sep 1905 in Stigler, Haskell County, OK, and died 08 Oct 1975 in Okmulgee County, OK.



See Peevyhouse.ftm for Lillian's ancestors and relatives.



                   i.    VIRGINIA8 GARTRELL-AMOS, b. 10 Oct 1926, (Adopted by Clyde); m. WILLIAM MARION ROSS; b. 07 Feb 1921; d. 25 May 1994.






11.  JAMES R. SR.7 AMOS (JOHN FORREST6, JOHN R.5, CHARLES4, WILLIAM3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1) was born 07 Aug 1895 in Choctaw Nation, IT, and died 17 Apr 1931.  He married OMA YOUNG.  She was born Abt. 1895, and died Unknown.


Children of JAMES AMOS and OMA YOUNG are:

                   i.    VIOLET D.8 AMOS, b. Abt. 1916; m. (1) HARTWICK; m. (2) VERNIE OLIVER.

                  ii.    JAMES R. JR. AMOS, b. Abt. 1918; m. WILLA MAE PLUNKETT?.

                 iii.    JUANITA AMOS, b. Abt. 1921; m. CLYDE ROBERTSON.

                 iv.    ERNEST LEE AMOS, b. Abt. 1928.



12.  PEARL LEE7 AMOS (JOHN FORREST6, JOHN R.5, CHARLES4, WILLIAM3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1) was born 13 Dec 1897 in Choctaw Nation, IT, and died 11 May 1978 in Haskell County, OK.  She married HENRY LOUIS SR. ROYE 17 Nov 1916 in Haskell County, OK, son of EDWIN ROYE and INDIANA STEGALL.  He was born 24 Jan 1898 in Pontotoc County, MS, and died 28 May 1986 in Haskell County, OK (Source: Was it 1986 or 1989?).



Pearl was the daughter of John Forrest Amos b.17 Aug 1866 in AR, d.16 Apr 1931 in Haskell County, OK, and Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" Hill b.3 Sep 1870 AL, d.21 Sep 1947 in Haskell County, OK; John F. and Mollie were married 11 Nov. 1888 in Franklin, AR.  Pearl's paternal grandparents were John R. Amos b.8 Mar 1839 in Roane, TN, served in the War Between the States, and Catherine "Kattie" Mileham b.abt.1849 in Prairie, Franklin County, AR, d.1871 in Franklin County, AR; John R. and Kattie were married abt.1865.  John R. Amos was the son of Charles Amos b.abt.1810 in SC or NC(?), d.1875 in Sebastian County, AR.  "Kattie" was the daughter of John Anderson "Jackson" Mileham b.abt. 1818 in TN, and Martha J. Likens b.abt. 1821 in AR.  Pearl's maternal grandparents were William (P.) Hill b.abt. 1832 in TN and Elizabeth Norwood b. Sep 1836 in AL. 



Henry was born at the Roye's log cabin on the Combs place, located on the west side of Highway 41 about 8 miles south of Pontotoc, the cabin is made of hand-hewn logs.  Henry and Pearl were married Nov. 14, 1916, by a Rev. Powell. Their early beginnings were hard. Henry had to resume the responsibilities of a man, as the oldest son of his widowed mother and then the responsibility of a wife and family of his own.


Henry and Pearl made their home in the Rucker community, east of Stigler, for the first 12 years of their married life, except for one year, when they tried farming in western Oklahoma. They found out that western Oklahoma had its problems too, so they moved back to Haskell County.  About 1928, they moved onto the farm, which was purchased by Henry's father about 1915 in the Rose Hill community and made that their permanent home. Henry worked in the coal mines, on the WPA road crew and other jobs, while building his ranch and feeding and clothing his family. 


Along with the hard work, grief and suffering, came the good times and fun, which together made the Roye family the strong people they were. The family attended and supported the Rose Hill Free Will Baptist Church.


Source handwritten notes written by Indialee Roye in 1971, during an interview of Henry Louis Roye of Haskell County, OK, she writes:


"1)  Cherokee settled north of Arkansas River in eastern Oklahoma;


"2)  Choctaw settled south of Arkansas River in eastern Oklahoma;

In the 1930s Hnery Louis Roye worked with the county and state road-building program in Haskell County, Oklahoma.  He did much to help obtain right-of-ways from Indians, who did not trust all whites.  He was raised with some of the Indians, and they spoke enough English to communicate with him;


"3)  Henry Louis Roye said some of Indian customs may not be recorded in history books.  Bill, a Negro slave of Choctaw Indians who came from Mississippi, worked with Henry.  He told Henry how some Indians had more than one wife and kept Negro slave women and fathered their children;


"4)  Uncle Nobe Roye and his brother-in-law, George Minor, picked cotton for Henry Louis in 1917;


"5)  Grandma Stegall (Indiana's mother) lived with Uncle Buck and Indiana more than other children.  He stayed with Indiana at Wallsfield part of the time;


"6)  Henry Louis read a book about the Natchez Trail, but didn't remember the name of the book.  He said that a Roye was named, a high officer during the war, camp at Red Land off the old Natchez Trail;


"7)  Elizabeth Jenkins Stegall, Henry's grandmother, told him about the Civil War.  She said a negro slave boy hid their milk cows in the woods, they boiled dirt from the smoke house floor for salt, and ate roots for food;


"8)  Henry said that in the early 1920s Charlie made a violin from a cigar box.  He carried it everywhere and rode his horse.  Uncle (Henry) used to hear him playing it as he rode in late at night.  Aunt Pearl remembers he played "Little Boy, Little Boy";


"9)  Charlie was visiting in Oklahoma when Henry's son Charles Donald was born.  Charlie wanted to have some part in naming the baby, so they named him for Charlie;


"10)  Henry remembers Charlie dancing for a nickel at Wallsfield;


"11)  Will Davis, father of Joe Davis, Lonnie, Florence, visited Edwin the next day after Charlie was born in 1907.  They celebrated with a couple of drinks.  Edwin was never drunk to the family's knowledge;


"12)  Andy Walls was a close neighbor at the new house in Wallsfield;


"13)  When Henry was less then two years old, he and a cousin, Roye Stegall, were playing in the cotton at their grandfather Henry Covington Roye's house.  Henry Covington was sick and Grandma Charlcey asked the boys to (be) quiet, Henry Covington told Charlcey to let them play.  That must have happened shortly before Henry Covington died."









Marriage: 17 Nov 1916, Haskell County, OK


Children of PEARL AMOS and HENRY ROYE are:

                   i.    EDWIN FORREST8 ROYE, b. 16 Nov 1917, Tamaha, Haskell County, OK; d. 30 Sep 1992, Fort Leavenworth, KS; m. (1) ETHEL COGBURN, 03 Aug 1935, Divorced, no children; m. (2) WILLIE COONFIELD, Aft. 1935; b. 28 Nov 1909, Haskell County, OK; d. 04 Jun 1998.



Edwin served his country during WWII.



Marriage: 03 Aug 1935, Divorced, no children



Marriage: Aft. 1935


                  ii.    MILDRED IMOGENE ROYE, b. 23 Aug 1920, Haskell County, OK; d. 17 Apr 1938, Oklahoma City, OK.

                 iii.    CLAUD ELVA ROYE, b. 14 Dec 1922, Tamaha, Haskell County, OK; m. (1) DELORES JOY BELSHI, 13 Jan 1949, CA; b. Bet. 26 Oct 1930 - 1931, Chandler, AZ; d. 10 Dec 1989, Stigler, Haskell County, OK; m. (2) SHIRLEY READING-WADE, 1990, Haskell County, OK; No children.



Claud is a retired rancher and farmer; he served his country during WWII.  Claud lives in the Rose Hill Community, about 1/4 mile from Henry and Pearl's place; he enjoys woodworking in his spare time.



Joy's parents were Walter Belshe and Christine Caudel.  Joy received her bachelor of science degree at Southeastern State University, Durant, and her master of education at Northeastern State University, Tahlequah.  She reitred from Poteau High School in May of 1987 as Director of the Special Education Co-op.



Marriage: 13 Jan 1949, CA



Shirley has 3 children by her first husband; she and Claud have no children.



Marriage: 1990, Haskell County, OK; No children


                 iv.    IVAN STEGALL ROYE, b. 07 Apr 1926, Tamaha, Haskell County, OK; d. 12 Sep 2007, Muskogee, Muskogee County, OK (Source: Personal knowledge, and funeral pamphlet); m. GERALDINE WARREN, 31 May 1946; b. Haskell County, OK.



For a number of years Ivan lived near McFarland, CA, where he managed a large potato farm.  He then moved to Haskell County, OK, where he operated a cattle ranch; in 2006 Ivan is retired and living south of Stigler.


Obituary & Funeral Pamphlet, printed by Mallory-Martin Funeral Home and Crematory:


Ivan Roye of Stigler, Oklahoma passed away September 12, 2007 in Muskogee, Oklahoma at the age of 81.  He was born April 7, 1926 in Tamaha, Oklahoma to Henry and Pearl (Amos) Roye.


Ivan is survived by his wife, Geraldyne Roye of the home;

two sons, Douglas Roye of Bakersfield, California, and Wade Roye of Stigler, Oklahoma; two brothers, Charles Roye and wife Dee of Stigler, Oklahoma, and Claude Roye and wife Shirley of Lequire, Oklahoma.


Ivan was a member of Lafayette Free Will Baptist Church and was a member of the Stigler VFW.


Ivan's funeral services were conducted by Mallory-Martin at 10 am Friday, September 14, 2007 at Lafayette Free Will Baptist Church.  Rev. Dale Wendlandt and Rev. James Williams officiated.  Johni Warren, Dennis Warren, Omer Dean Warren, Chuck Roye, Mark Roye, and Sean Roye were pallbearers.  Interment was at Garland Cemetery.  Military rites conducted by Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 4446, Stigler, Oklahoma.


After the funeral, family members went to Aunt Gerry's house to eat lunch and visit with Gerry, who was unable to attend the funeral. 







Geraldine's parents were John Brown Warren b. 29 Jan. 1875, d.14 Aug 1969, and Rosetta Jane Kelley b.27 Sep 1881, d.26 July 1963; they are buried at Antioch Cemetery, Haskell County, OK.



Marriage: 31 May 1946


                  v.    HENRY LOUIS JR. ROYE, b. 08 Oct 1927, Haskell County, OK; d. 24 Oct 1927, Haskell County, OK.

                 vi.    CHARLES DONALD ROYE, b. 12 Jul 1929, Rose Hill, Haskell County, OK; m. (1) RUTH JEANETTE FRASER, 30 Oct 1948, Durant, Bryan County, OK; Divorced 1975; b. 14 Jan 1932, Salem, McIntosh County, OK (near Henryetta) (Source: s:Ruth Roye; s:Delayed Birth Certificate says that Ruth was born in Henryetta, McIntosh County, OK.); m. (2) DELORIS ELAINE FORD-MCQUEEN, 09 Feb 1981; b. 30 Apr 1951, Ontario, CA.



Charles received his education at Kinta schools. When asked about his education, he frequently joked that he graduated from the "School of Hard Knocks".  As a teenager he decided to join the Army, but he was so young that his mother had to give her permission for him to do so. His Army records state that he is Charles D. Roye RA 18 172 529 Technician Fifth Grade 7715th Theater Ordnance Schools; date of enlistment and entry into active service 28 Nov 1945; continental service time was 6 months and 20 days; foreign service time was 11 months and 15 days. While in service he received the following decorations and citations: Army of Occupation Medal, World War II Victory Medal. He was given an Honorable Discharge at the Separation Center, Fort Dix, New Jersey, on 2 May 1947. Reason for separation was his minority (he was seventeen years old at the time of his discharge).


After returning home from Army service, Charles worked with his father, Henry, in the coal mines near Henryetta, Oklahoma, where he met and courted Ruth Fraser.  Charles and Ruth were married 30 October 1948 in Durant, Bryan County, Oklahoma, by Justice of the Peace C. A. Woodward, and set up housekeeping near Henry and Pearl in the Rose Hill Community of Haskell County. The birth of their first child, a daughter, Sharon Kay Roye b.3 Dec 1949, Poteau, Leflore County, Oklahoma, was followed tragically by her unexpected death, aged two months; Sharon died at home on 3 Feb 1950, and was buried in Garland Cemetery. Charles and Ruth had four other children:  Chuck, Tina, Marty, and Kathy.


The entire family attended church together and Charles served as a deacon for a number of years. Rose Hill Free Will Baptist Church was located then, as it is today, on Highway 82 a few miles north of Lequire. It was about two miles from Charles's home on the ranch.  During the time that the four little Royes were growing up, Dad worked in the coal mines at McCurtain and raised cattle on his ranch, located a little less than a mile north of his parents' place at Rose Hill.  Charles' ranch adjoined the first land owned by his pioneer grandparents in Oklahoma. Edwin and Indiana "Annie" Roye purchased the tract when they moved to Oklahoma from Mississippi. Despite a deep familial and sentimental attachment to that property--an approximately 70-acre tract which lay alongside the Sans Bois Creek in Section 19-T8N-R21E--the land had been sold by the Roye family during hard times. Some years later, Charles was able to restore ownership of that land to the Roye family.


In the early 1960s, Charles invented an automobile oil filter in which a roll of toilet paper was used to filter the oil--this would have been an easily obtainable and cheap replacement for the oil filters of the day--but then he learned that this idea had already been patented.


When the youngest child, Kathy, was in the first grade (about 1963) the children were transferred from Kinta schools to Stigler. This transfer was precipitated by a change in Charles's work and way of life--he stopped working at the coal mines and purchased two coin-operated laundries in Stigler, the Speed Queen located on Broadway Street, and the Stigler Laundromat, located on the south side of Main Street. Soon he added a third laundry, in Keota, to the list. For the little Royes, who weren't so little any more, the afternoons following school were now filled with the smells of laundry detergent and bleach. Each person had a job to do, and the family worked together for the good of all. When Charles sold the laundries he started Roye Realty & Developing, Inc. in 1971.  He sold real estate for others, as well as purchased land and developed it for resale. His assets began to multiply.


About 1974 or 1975, Charles and Ruth divorced.  Charles remained in Stigler and continued building his business. About 1975 or 1976, he purchased the Time Theatre and Medo Drive-In from Mr. Pierce. He formed a new corporation, Time Theatre and Meadow Drive-In, Inc. for this new entertainment pursuit. One of his first acts as owner of the drive-in was to take the signs which said "Medo" from the sides of the screen building, and replace them with modern red neon letters which marched vertically down the building spelling "MEADOW"--after dark, you could see these letters from afar. Tina was Charles's right-hand man (so to speak), she served as Vice-President of Roye Realty & Developing, Inc., as well as Vice-President of Time Theatre and Meadow Drive-In, Inc., worked full-time in the real estate office, and managed the theaters as well.


In 1980 Charles married Deloris (Ford) McQueen; Deloris had one daughter, Megan McQueen. Charles and Deloris built a house south of Stigler, where kids and grandkids frequently visited them and they enjoyed swimming together in the pool.


About 1983 Dad began his great venture into the world of wild-cat gas well drilling. He was fortunate and persistent enough to make a success of his companies and himself. Some of his companies are Two-Bit Oilfield Supply, Galaxy Energy, Inc., DelMega, L.L.C., Selrahc, L.L.C., and etc. His picture once appeared on the cover of Time magazine. His business ventures have taken him from the little town of Stigler to countries such as the Cayman Islands, Belize, and Nicaragua, among others.


He might tell you that he has fulfilled the prophecy of his mother when, at a tender young age, he told her of a dream he had wherein he was sitting at a table which was loaded with money--more money than he could count. His mother, Pearl, told him that it meant he was going to be rich, and he has spent most of his life proving her prediction to be correct.


In 2006 Charles and Deloris live in their new home a few miles east of Stigler on Highway 9. He continues to work each day.   Still a prominent businessman, Charles owns and manages a successful natural gas exploration and production business, a cattle ranch, and other diverse business interests in his native Haskell County, OK.



Ruth's paternal grandparents were Sidney R. Fraser b.29 May 1875 in Henry County, MO, d.17 Sep 1955 in San Joaquin County, CA, and Eliza Rebecca Lawhon b.22 Feb 1877 in Sparta, Bienville, LA, d.21 Jul 1979 in Lathrop, San Joaquin County, CA; Sidney and Eliza were married 8 Jul 1897 in Holdenville, Creek Nation, IT.  Sidney's parents were Eugene A. Fraser b.abt. Jun 1852 in OH, d.in Joplin, MO, and Mary E. Van Winkle b.1855 in Schuyler, IL;  Eugene and Mary were married 20 Aug 1874 in Henry County, MO.  Eliza's parents were B. M. "Marion" Lawhon b.abt 1855 in LA, d.7 Jan 1880 in Ward 4, Bienville, LA, and Eliza Rebecca Zylks b.1857 in Bienville, LA, d.22 Feb 1877 in Bienville, LA.


After Charles and Ruth's divorce was final in 1975, Ruth moved to Tulsa and managed the Woman's World shop in Woodland Hills Mall for a time. In the early 1980s Ruth returned to Stigler in order to run the movie theaters which belonged to her at the time. The Time Theatre and Meadow Drive-In were both closed for business in about 1984, thus ending an era.  Later, Ruth and Tina donated the Time Theatre building to the City of Stigler, in hopes that the city could preserve the memorable and historic structure, and find for it a use which would perpetuate its existence and justify its upkeep.


Ruth is a creative and multi-talented person who likes to paint, quilt, sew, and crochet, among other things.  In 2006 she lives southwest of Stigler, OK.  She's still the glue that holds our family together.



Marriage: 30 Oct 1948, Durant, Bryan County, OK; Divorced 1975



Deloris has a daughter by her previous husband: Megan McQueen b.30 Nov 1978; No children by Charles.



Marriage: 09 Feb 1981


                vii.    JOHN DAVID ROYE, b. 13 Jan 1935, Haskell County, OK; d. 12 Sep 2003, OK; m. (1) ARMETA PUGH, 21 Jun 1958, Enid, OK; Divorced 1970s; b. 15 Jun 1940; m. (2) BETTY J. HATFIELD, 18 Apr 1977, Grayson, TX; b. 1962.



John D. worked as a guard at McAlester State Prison.


Notes for ARMETA PUGH:

Armeta's parents were Jesse Lee Pugh b.7 Mar 1904, d.Oct 1965, and Hattie Taylor b.9 Feb 1912.



Marriage: 21 Jun 1958, Enid, OK; Divorced 1970s



Marriage: 18 Apr 1977, Grayson, TX



13.  OSCAR W.7 AMOS (JOHN FORREST6, JOHN R.5, CHARLES4, WILLIAM3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1) was born 06 Jun 1902 in Choctaw Nation, IT, and died 10 Jan 1971 in OK?.  He married FLOSSIE SHIRLEY.  She was born Abt. 1904 in IT, and died Aug 1984.



                   i.    MERCEDES8 AMOS, b. Abt. 1922, OK; d. 16 Nov 2007, Stigler, Haskell County, OK; m. VANIS KING.

                  ii.    WILLIAM OSCAR AMOS, b. 03 Dec 1924, Probably Haskell County, OK; d. 02 Jan 1945, Northern Italy.



From Chronicles of Oklahoma, pg 60:


"WILLIAM OSCAR AMOS, Private, First Class, U. S.  Army.  Home address: McCurtain, Haskell County.  Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Amos, Parents, Rte. 1, McCurtian.  Born December 3, 1924.  Enlisted November 17, 1943.  Decoration: Order of the Purple Heart.  Attended Haskell County grade schools.  Member Free Will Baptist Church.  Sailed for duty overseas in June, 1944.  Wounded in action October 21 1944, in Sicily, and returned to active duty November 5, 1944.  Died January 2, 1945, in action in Northern Italy."


                 iii.    BOB AMOS, b. OK; m. LINDA UNKNOWN.

                 iv.    RONNIE GENE AMOS, b. OK.



14.  ELSIE A.7 AMOS (JOHN FORREST6, JOHN R.5, CHARLES4, WILLIAM3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1) was born 31 Jul 1904 in Choctaw Nation, IT, and died 06 Aug 1984.  She married (1) JAMES ARTHUR SR. BRAMLETT.  He was born 28 Jan 1890, and died May 1969.  She married (2) LESTER BELLER Abt. 1925.  He was born Abt. 1905 in OK.



Marriage: Abt. 1925



                   i.    WANDA L.8 BELLER, b. Abt. 1926.



15.  JOHN WALTER7 AMOS (JOHN FORREST6, JOHN R.5, CHARLES4, WILLIAM3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1) was born 14 Feb 1908 in Haskell County, OK, and died 21 Oct 1980 in Kings, CA.  He married IDA GOFF?.  She was born Abt. 1912.


Child of JOHN AMOS and IDA GOFF? is:

                   i.    FRANCILLE8 AMOS, b. Abt. 1930, OK.






                   i.    ROWENA8 AMOS, m. VINCENT.


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