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Katina Roye Peevyhouse

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Katina Roye Peevyhouse owns and retains the copyright on all  her paintings which are shown in the Haskell County Art Gallery. 

"Joyeaux" t048

"Tres Hombres" t049

"On the Beach" t023

"Witchy Woman" t060

"Spirit of the Wind" t052detail

"And I in my Nightcap" t054

"L'Enfant" t003

"Night Rider" t055

"Dream of the Wind" t050detail

"Demoiselle D'Avignon a la Picasso" t030

"Demoiselle D'Avignon a la Matisse" t029

"Girl With Flowers" t051detail

"Launch" t005detail

"Troubled" t057

"Broken" t058

"Poet Obscured" t059

"Cosmopolitan" t062

"The Little Death" t065

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